Christina takes advantage of her

CHRISTINA, single parent

“I’m trying to balance my home and work life, and all the expenses are adding up. Getting $600 in Benefit Bucks from the Company will help lighten my load.”

How Christina uses her 2024 Benefit Bucks during enrollment

  • Christina enrolls in a CDHP medical option and vision coverage through the Company.
  • She also contributes to the HSA so she can pay eligible medical expenses tax-free.

Christina is paid weekly, so her $600 in Benefit Bucks means she gets $11.54 per pay period to apply toward eligible benefits.

Christina’s decisions Annual amount paid by Benefit Bucks Per pay period amount paid by Benefit Bucks
Christina decides to use her Benefit Bucks for vision coverage for herself and her family. $245.88 $4.73
She chooses to have her remaining Benefit Bucks put into her HSA since she elected the Core CDHP + HSA plan. $354.12 $6.81
Total Benefit Bucks $600.00 $11.54