Dental coverage provides benefits for preventive care like exams and cleanings. It also covers basic and major restorative care. The Company offers you two dental options administered by Delta Dental of Illinois*, or you can decline coverage:

  • Core
  • Buy-up

Both options cover the same services, but the Buy-up option has a higher calendar year maximum — that is, the amount the plan will pay in one year — and covers orthodontia services. The following chart provides a summary of your dental coverage.

Comparing dental plan options

Plan provision Core Buy-up
Calendar year maximum (excludes orthodontia) $1,500 per person $2,000 per person
Orthodontia lifetime maximum No benefit $2,000 per person
Annual deductible you pay
Individual $50 per person $50 per person
Family $150 per family $150 per family
Coinsurance you pay
Preventive and diagnostic care (exams, cleanings, x-rays, etc.) $0 (100% covered) $0 (100% covered)
Basic restorative care (fillings, endodontics, periodontics, oral surgery, etc.) 20% 20%
Major restorative care (crown, bridge, denture, implant, etc.) 50% 50%
Orthodontia care — for adults and children No benefit 50% (PPO provider) 50% of Maximum Plan Allowance (Premier provider or out-of-network)

Delta Dental networks

While you can visit any general or specialty dentist, you pay less for care when you use a provider in one of the Delta Dental networks — Delta Dental PPO and Delta Dental Premier — with deeper discounts when you use a Delta Dental PPO network dentist. Average discounts range from 15% to 35% for the Delta Dental PPO network and 5% to 10% for the Delta Dental Premier network.

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* If you live in Puerto Rico, your dental coverage is administered by Triple S (Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Puerto Rico). Your coverage details and cost may be different. If you are a U.S. employee on an expat assignment outside of the United States, your dental coverage is administered by GeoBlue. See the 2024 Benefits Guide for U.S. employees working abroad for coverage details and costs.