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This website has been prepared to help you understand what benefits you may be entitled to through Schneider Electric, and provides only a summary of certain aspects of such plans. It serves as a Summary of Material Modifications (SMM) and describes the changes made to the Schneider Electric Benefit Program for U.S. Employees (plan number 501) effective January 2022. Please keep this SMM with your current Summary Plan Description (SPD). The employer identification number for Schneider Electric is 36-4141566.

The official Plan documents will control in the case of any differences between them and the information provided here. While Schneider Electric expects to continue its benefit programs, it reserves the right to terminate, suspend, withdraw, amend, or modify all or any part of these Plans at any time for any reason without notice.

Any such change or termination of the Plans will be based solely on the decision of the Plan Sponsor and/or the Plan Administrator and may apply to any or all groups of employees, including active or disabled employees and current or future retirees and their dependent(s) as determined under the Plans. No supervisor, manager or any other representative of Schneider Electric has any authority to enter into any written or oral agreement contrary to the foregoing or contrary to the terms of the applicable SPD or Plan document.

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