Lucy takes advantage of Spring Health.

LUCY, single, wants to relieve stress

Lucy has actively participated in Virgin Pulse healthy habit tracking, challenges and Aaptiv fitness classes — staying active is one way she keeps her stress at bay.

But new responsibilities at work have increased her stress levels, affecting her diet, focus and sleep. Through Virgin Pulse, she sees a recommendation to reach out to Spring Health to help manage her stress and associated symptoms. Lucy completes her quick assessment and is matched with a Care Navigator who explains how she could benefit from:

  • Spring Health Coaching: Lucy finds a coach on the Spring Health website within minutes and sets up a video appointment for the next day. Together, they set goals for reducing stress and improving diet, focus and sleep.
  • Moments: Lucy completes the mindfulness exercises through the mobile app whenever she feels her stress levels rising.
  • New Ways of Working: Lucy finds strategies in the New Ways of Working Playbook to create structure and boundaries to reduce stress in her day. Her Care Navigator also recommends enrolling in the PTO Purchase Program for additional days off to recharge.
  • Whil and Wondr Health: Her Care Navigator reminds her of these programs to help her sleep better and manage her weight.

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Get rewarded for your healthy habits.

Available to you and your spouse (if they’re covered on a Schneider Electric medical plan), Virgin Pulse can help you prioritize well-being goals and activities each day.

  • Healthy habits: Select healthy habits you want to focus on and track your progress.
  • Challenges: Work toward your goals in a fun, competitive atmosphere by joining corporate challenges. You can even challenge yourself – or your friends – to live a healthier life by creating your own personal challenges.
  • Activity tracking: Tracking activities through Virgin Pulse – like steps, workouts and sleep – helps you visualize your progress and earn rewards! Track easily by syncing on your phone or on your activity tracker, or enter your activities manually.
  • Reach your goals: Get help to stay focused on achieving specific health goals with resources like sleep and nutrition guides as well as personal health coaches.
  • So much more: Get more fuel for your daily well-being goals by exploring everything Virgin Pulse has to offer, including Journeys, virtual fitness and mindfulness sessions and more!

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