Medical Plan Changes

Three medical plan options

For 2020 you can choose from three medical plan options*:

Core CDHP** + HSA**      Buy-up CDHP + HSA       Core PPO**

The Buy-up PPO option will no longer be offered. The remaining options continue to offer choice to meet each employees’ diverse needs while being financially sustainable for the Company. If you’re currently in the Buy-Up PPO, you will be enrolled automatically in the Core PPO at your current coverage level for 2020 unless you elect a different option.

* If you’re not eligible for an HSA (see FAQs), you may enroll in the Buy-up CDHP (without an HSA) or the Core PPO option. ** See glossary of terms.

Your health advocate: Health Advocacy Solutions

Your Schneider Electric medical coverage will include Health Advocacy Solutions, a new Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) concierge service, to help you navigate health care decisions while saving you time and money.

What does this mean?

The first notable change is you now have one phone number, 877-557-3417 (as shown on your new medical ID card), to connect with skilled health advocates dedicated to our Schneider Electric medical plans. Whether you are searching for a doctor, have a medical question in the middle of the night or have claims questions, this is the one phone number to call.

Health advocates will:

  • Facilitate prior authorizations for services under the medical plan. If you require an authorization for certain services (MRIs, CT scans, surgeries, etc.), a health advocate can facilitate the authorization for you. IMPORTANT: Typically your provider will take care of this for you, but it is your responsibility to connect with a health advocate before receiving care. If this step is not completed, your procedure may not be covered.
  • Help you compare costs and find high-quality, low-cost providers for medical tests and procedures, giving you the potential to earn a cash reward (called member rewards).
  • Help coordinate your behavioral health care and benefits for outpatient care to treat issues like anxiety, depression or addiction.

Other programs and features of Health Advocacy Solutions include:

  • Digital Member Health Hub. A one-stop resource for everything related to your health:
    • Review medical, prescription drug and dental benefits.
    • View claims and benefit coverage details, and receive personalized health reminders.
    • Find information about resources like ConsumerMedical and Naturally Slim.
  • Virtual physical therapy (PT). If you suffer from chronic back, hip or knee pain, take advantage of this virtual physical therapy program with a live coach from Hinge Health.
  • Oncology Navigator. If you or a family member is facing cancer, trained navigators will help guide you to the right care and support.
  • Special Beginnings. Get support for high-risk pregnancies.
Increased benefits when you use a Blue Distinction® Center of Excellence for bariatric surgery and transplants
  • If you are considering bariatric surgery or an organ transplant (for heart, lung, liver, pancreas or bone marrow/stem cell) and choose a Blue Distinction Center of Excellence, your coinsurance* will be reduced to 10% instead of the normal 20% under all medical plan options.
  • Blue Distinction Centers within the BCBS national network of providers have demonstrated their commitment to high-quality care, resulting in better overall outcomes for patients and lower cost.
  • It’s a win-win situation — not only will you receive high-quality care at better prices, you and the plan also save.

*See glossary of terms.

Hearing care benefits


All medical plan options will provide benefits for hearing care (exams, evaluations and hearing aids) once every 36 months when you receive the care from a physician, otologist, audiologist or hearing aid dealer. You’ll need to meet your deductible* and pay the coinsurance (either 20% for an in-network provider or 40% for an out-of-network provider) for these benefits.

*See glossary of terms.

Inclusive family planning benefits

Schneider Electric understands the importance of family, so we have partnered with WinFertility to provide support and guidance in your family planning decisions. No matter where your family planning journey takes you, Schneider Electric’s new benefits are there to support you.

Through all medical plan options, you can receive up to $15,000 ($30,000 lifetime maximum) in family planning benefits for:

  • Infertility treatment: 2 cycles ($10,000 for medical + $5,000 for prescription drugs per cycle)
  • Fertility support: 2 cycles ($10,000 for medical + $5,000 for prescription drugs per cycle)

To get these benefits, contact WinFertility to be assigned with a nurse case manager.

In addition, you can receive an adoption or surrogacy benefit of up to $15,000 per child for up to 2 children ($30,000 lifetime maximum).

2020 employee costs
  • Medical coverage: Medical plan costs will increase slightly, reflecting a rise in medical costs nationwide and among our own population.
  • Life insurance coverage: Your cost will decrease for Supplemental Life Insurance.
  • Disability coverage: Your costs will increase for STD Buy-up and decrease for LTD Buy-up coverages.

There are no rate changes for the other benefit options for 2020.

Monthly medical costs

** Additional fees may apply and will be a separate deduction on your paycheck.


Contact PeopleLink for assistance in English and Spanish.

Call: 877-248-2998
(Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central time during Annual Enrollment)

Visit support@Schneider.

Your 2020 Benefits Guide

Get rewarded for your healthy habits.

Available to you and your spouse (if they’re covered on a Schneider Electric medical plan), Virgin Pulse can help you prioritize well-being goals and activities each day.

  • Healthy habits: Select healthy habits you want to focus on and track your progress.
  • Challenges: Work toward your goals in a fun, competitive atmosphere by joining corporate challenges. You can even challenge yourself – or your friends – to live a healthier life by creating your own personal challenges.
  • Activity tracking: Tracking activities through Virgin Pulse – like steps, workouts and sleep – helps you visualize your progress and earn rewards! Track easily by syncing on your phone or on your activity tracker, or enter your activities manually.
  • Reach your goals: Get help to stay focused on achieving specific health goals with resources like sleep and nutrition guides as well as personal health coaches.
  • So much more: Get more fuel for your daily well-being goals by exploring everything Virgin Pulse has to offer, including Journeys, virtual fitness and mindfulness sessions and more!

Hear how Kara Greer uses the workout reminders from Virgin Pulse.