My Secure Advantage (MSA): money coaching and more!

This valuable resource can help you be money smart at every stage of life. It’s confidential, personalized and no cost to you.

  • Advice on medical plan: Talk with an MSA advisor about your health care needs, all of your available options, and get help evaluating what makes the most sense for you.
  • Unlimited money coaching: Let a professional MSA coach give you unbiased advice so you can make better decisions about spending, saving and investing. You pay nothing to use this service.
  • Financial assessment: Use this online tool to figure out where you stand financially.
  • Identity monitoring: Enroll in this free service to help protect your personal information.
  • Credit score and report: Learn how to improve your credit score, so you’ll have more options and better deals on everything from cell phone plans to mortgages.
  • Personalized, secure website: Get online tools, support, videos, articles and more.

Your spouse/domestic partner and dependents (age 18 and older) can also access MSA coaching and the private website for free.

Search “MSA” on Rewards@Schneider for more information.