Schneider Electric offers you a vision plan, administered by EyeMed, that provides coverage for a vision exam, corrective lenses and frames each year. If you choose to enroll in the vision plan, you pay 100% of the cost of coverage.

The vision plan features a network of nationwide participating providers. You can go out-of-network and then get reimbursed for up to the allowance amount. Visit or download the EyeMed mobile app.

See the chart below for a summary of the vision plan coverage.

Vision plan summary

Plan Provision* In-Network Out-of-network
Frequency of coverage Exam, lenses and frames once every calendar year (resetting in January of every year)
You pay copayments/Plan pays up to the allowance below, you pay the rest
Exams $10 copayment Up to $60 allowance
Lenses (standard plastic) $15 copayment unless progressive lenses, then $70 to $190 copayment $50 to $90 allowance depending on lens type
Frames 20% off balance over $200 frame allowance Up to $140 allowance
Contacts (materials only; in lieu of lenses) Conventional: 15% off balance over $200 allowance Up to $200 allowance
Disposable: up to $200 allowance
Medically necessary: $0 (paid in full) Up to $210 allowance
Contact lens fitting Standard: Up to $40 copayment Not covered
Premium: 10% off retail price Not covered

* Coverage allows for one pair of eyeglasses or contacts each year, but not both.

Vision care discounts

EyeMed: Additional benefits include:

  • 40% off second pair of glasses through an in-network provider
  • For Lasik surgery, special everyday pricing or 5% off promotional prices through network providers
  • $50 off $200 or $20 off any non-prescription sunglasses from Sunglass Hut
  • Temporary eyewear and support outside of the U.S. through International Travel Solutions

BCBSIL: If you enroll in the medical plan, you have access to vision care discounts through BCBSIL. To review the vision discounts provided under Blue365 — including LasikPlus, log in to > Member Discounts Program. Go to Rewards@Schneider to learn more.