Enrollment checklist

Get informed.
  • Review this benefits guide for an overview of your benefit options for 2021, instructions to enroll and costs for coverage.
  • Review your 2021 benefit options with ALEX®, our personalized benefits counselor. ALEX helps you pick benefits that provide the best value and gives easy-to-understand explanations to your questions. Access ALEX at myalex.com/se/2021.
  • Schedule an appointment with a My Secure Advantage (MSA) money coach to review the pros and cons and ins and outs of your benefit options to give you confidence in your ultimate decisions. Visit Rewards@Schneider to learn more about MSA.
  • Visit Rewards@Schneider — during enrollment or anytime during the year — to find details on your benefits and other helpful resources.
  • Ask PeopleLink. Call 877-248-2998 or open a support@Schneider service ticket.

Access the enrollment site at se-benefitslink.com if you are a new hire or if you want to make a change to your current coverage, add or remove a dependent, enroll in an HSA or FSA, change your responses to fee questions, or elect a new benefit for 2021.

Review your dependents.

Double check your dependents to make sure the right family members have the necessary coverage.

See the documents you need to submit to verify your dependent’s eligibility.

Add your mobile phone number and/or email address.

Add your mobile phone number and/or email address to your profile at se-benefitslink.com to ensure you receive timely benefit notifications and information.

Confirm your elections.

Print your final benefit summary. A confirmation statement will also be sent to your BenefitsLink mailbox.

Confirm your payroll deductions.

Compare your deductions on your first 2021 paycheck to the deductions on your benefit summary. If the deductions do not match, contact PeopleLink immediately to report the difference.

New hires: Answer the pre-enrollment questions

Tobacco status questions for medical and life insurance
Answer these questions for yourself and any dependents you intend to cover. If you do not complete these questions, or if you use tobacco and/or smoke products, you will pay:
  • Tobacco-user fee of $50 per month for medical coverage, and
  • Tobacco-user rates for Employee Supplemental Life and Spouse/Domestic Partner Life Insurance, if elected.

You can avoid the fee/higher costs if you use tobacco and/or smoke products but enroll in the free, Company-provided, Quit For Life® Program.

Spouse/domestic partner medical coverage questions
If you choose to cover your spouse/domestic partner who has coverage available through their own employer, or you don’t indicate whether your spouse/domestic partner is eligible for medical coverage through their own employer, you will pay a $75 monthly fee in addition to the cost for your medical coverage level.

Health Savings Account (HSA) eligibility questions
Whether you are eligible to participate in an HSA determines your medical options.