Health advocate & other programs & features available with your medical plan

Your Schneider Electric medical coverage includes Health Advocacy Solutions, a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) concierge service, to help you navigate health care decisions while saving you time and money.


Connect with a health advocate

It’s easy to connect with skilled health advocates dedicated to our Schneider Electric medical plans. Call 877-557-3417 (as shown on your medical ID card) whether you are searching for a doctor, or have coverage or claims questions.

Health advocates will:

  • Facilitate prior authorizations for services under the medical plan. If you require an authorization for certain services (MRIs, CT scans, surgeries, etc.), a health advocate can facilitate the authorization for you. IMPORTANT: Typically your provider will take care of this for you, but it is your responsibility to connect with a health advocate before receiving care. If this step is not completed, your procedure may not be covered.
  • Help you compare costs and find high-quality, low-cost providers for medical tests and procedures, giving you the potential to earn a cash reward (called Member Rewards).
  • Help coordinate your behavioral health care and benefits for outpatient care to treat issues like anxiety, depression or addiction.

Visit Rewards@Schneider for more details.


If you enroll in medical coverage, consider using MDLIVE for virtual office visits. These can save you money when you’re in need of care for non-emergency medical conditions and pediatric care, especially if you have CDHP coverage. Connect with a board-certified doctor 24/7 by secure video, phone or email.

Visit Rewards@Schneider to learn more. To take advantage of MDLIVE, go to or the MDLIVE mobile app or call 877-557-3417.


Whether you need help finding a specialist, getting a second opinion or understanding your diagnosis and treatment options, ConsumerMedical can help make sure you get the best care — all at no extra cost to you. Learn more at Rewards@Schneider. Or go to company code: Schneider or the ConsumerMedical app: MyMedicalAlly, or call 877-557-3417.

Digital exercise therapy

You don’t have to live in pain. Hinge Health provides the tools you need to get moving again from the comfort of your home. You’ll get exercise therapy tailored to your condition and a personal care team of experts to support you. Go to Rewards@Schneider to learn more. Apply at

Oncology Navigator

Through Oncology Navigator, if you or a family member is facing cancer, trained navigators will help guide you to the right care and support. Call 877-557-3417 for assistance.

Women's and family health

Schneider Electric understands the importance of family, and provides support and guidance in your family planning decisions.

  • Get support for high-risk pregnancies through high-risk maternity management.
  • Receive personalized guidance for fertility, pregnancy and parenting through Ovia Health.
  • Connect with WINFertility Nurse Care Managers for adoption and/or surrogacy* as well as infertility treatment and/or fertility support.
  • Get help for nursing mothers through breast milk transportation services*.

Go to Rewards@Schneider to learn more.

* Does not require medical plan enrollment.

Get paid for smart shopping: MEMBER REWARDS. You  may be able to save on out-of-pocket health care costs and earn a cash reward — called Member Rewards — when you shop around for health care services and procedures and choose a more cost-effective provider and/or location for your care. The potential cash reward depends on the procedure and which provider you use. After your doctor recommends a procedure or test, you can search Provider Finder on to find out if those services are eligible for Member Rewards. You can also call your health advocate to help you compare costs and find high-quality, low-cost facilities for medical tests and procedures. 


Learn more: Get details on all of these programs and more on Rewards@Schneider.

How Mike Lee used ConsumerMedical to make smart health care decisions.

Tips for better health and savings

Get rewarded for your healthy habits.

Available to you and your spouse (if they’re covered on a Schneider Electric medical plan), Virgin Pulse can help you prioritize well-being goals and activities each day.

  • Healthy habits: Select healthy habits you want to focus on and track your progress.
  • Challenges: Work toward your goals in a fun, competitive atmosphere by joining corporate challenges. You can even challenge yourself – or your friends – to live a healthier life by creating your own personal challenges.
  • Activity tracking: Tracking activities through Virgin Pulse – like steps, workouts and sleep – helps you visualize your progress and earn rewards! Track easily by syncing on your phone or on your activity tracker, or enter your activities manually.
  • Reach your goals: Get help to stay focused on achieving specific health goals with resources like sleep and nutrition guides as well as personal health coaches.
  • So much more: Get more fuel for your daily well-being goals by exploring everything Virgin Pulse has to offer, including Journeys, virtual fitness and mindfulness sessions and more!

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